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Relaxation Services

Looking to relax and recover? Discover our brand new relaxation services.

Shanti Steam Box

The Shanti steam box is a personal space for you to detoxify, relax and reap the benefits of steam therapy in your own personal sanctuary.
The Shanti box is a one-person sized box made from natural and Australian materials.

Within the box is a steam delivery system which provides consistent steam flow that can be adjusted to 9 different temperatures to suit individual needs and preferences.
Steam therapy has roots in Ayurvedic medicine which dates back 5000 years. The steam and warmth aids in the body’s healing process, relaxing the mind and body, aiding in post workout recovery, reducing inflammation and joint stiffness, improving circulation, boosting the immune system, and aiding in respiratory health by warming the mucous membrane.

The warm environment the Shanti Box creates helps burn calories and may aid weight loss.

The Shanti steam box is suitable for most people of all ages and can provide many health benefits. Perfect for regular use to help unwind the mind and body after stressful days, tough workouts and post sport.

However, due to the level of heat, The Shanti box is not recommended for use by pregnant women and those with an unstable heart condition or uncontrolled high or low blood pressure.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Our zero gravity massage chair offers a full body massage which incorporates the latest Zero Gravity capabilities to deliver the most realistic massage provided by a massage chair. Sit back and relax as the chair works to alleviate pain and reduce stress.

The massage chair provides a full coverage massage, including the arms and fingers, all the way down to the feet. Features also include a “hot stone” feature which radiates heat up to 50 degrees to soothe sore muscles and allows you to relax further into the massage. Reflexology rollers are located within the feet compartment of the chair, the massaging air cushions work in sync with the sole rollers to focus on reflexology pressure points and relieve tension.

The massage chair encourages healthy blood flow, lymphatic drainage and carries nutrition to the tissues to aid in the repair process. Perfect for any soft tissue injuries and tension held within the body. with over 10 different individual massage settings to choose from, you can’t go wrong for your body!