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Recovery Centre

Discover Sunraysia’s first ever recovery centre, the perfect way for athletes and gym-goers to recover.

Infrared Sauna

The Infrared sauna provides the benefits of a warm steam sauna without the high environmental temperature and with the added benefits of light therapy.

Take some time to relax in the infrared sauna as far-infrared light penetrates deeply into your skin, warming your body to energise, remove harmful toxins, and induce a relaxing sweat. The sauna is equipped with a Bluetooth system which allows you to choose what music you wish to relax to. The sauna provides a spacious and Zen environment which can comfortably seat up to 6 people.

Infra-red light takes the beneficial spectrum of sunlight without the harmful UV/UVB rays.

The warming effect of the sauna light results in a healthy cardiovascular workout that raises our core body temperature, activating our sweat glands for removal of harmful substances and toxins.

Far-infrared sauna also helps to relieve stress, aid joint mobility, inflammation and boost the immune system. While also promoting weight loss and skin health.

The sauna can be utilised to help with workout recovery, arthritic symptoms, to boost metabolism and circulation and reduce stress and tension of both the mind and body. The Infrared sauna can be used by people of all ages.

Cold Immersion Therapy

Reduce recovery time from days to hours with cold immersion therapy. Shock your body into removing built up waste post-exercise by immersing yourself in a cold pod with smart temperature control (no ice required).

When you immerse your body into a pool of chilled water, the sudden drop in temperature triggers a reaction within the brain inducing “fight or flight” response. This response triggers an automatic process which begins to restore your body temperature by increasing blood flow to the core of your body, away from the skin and outer soft tissue. This process introduces freshly oxygenated blood and flushes the body of toxins and waste products at an increased rate (much faster than the natural process).

Cold immersion therapy may:

  • Lift your mood: The response triggered by cold immersion conditions the brain to cope more effectively with the stressors of everyday life and increases your tolerance to stress.
  • Regulate the immune system: Exposure to physiological stresses such as cold water challenges the body to function beyond its usual means, positively affecting the immune system.
  • Improve sleep: Our circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) is controlled by our brains and the chemicals we release to induce the sleep/wake cycle. Cold Immersion Therapy has been shown to directly affect both the brain and nervous system, regulating cortisol (stress hormone) and reducing sleeplessness.
  • Aid athletic recovery: Through helping to repair exercise-induced muscle injury by decreasing inflammation and metabolic waste and introducing oxygenated blood to sore muscles to help speed up the recovery process.
    Cold immersion therapy is perfect for those looking to reduce recovery time and reduce symptoms of post workout soreness, and those who are looking to reduce stress, improve sleep and challenge both the body and mind.

Normatec Compression Garments

Our NormaTec compression garments provide compression therapy to multiple regions of the body.

Helpful in increasing circulation, reducing pain, and swelling and aiding sports recovery.

Sit back and relax as the compression garments do all the work. With completely customisable compression settings to suit your specific needs. The compression garments are fitted to your body and will inflate rhythmically to pump the muscles and increase circulation and aid in removing metabolic waste and lactic acid build up.

Compression therapy works by encouraging blood flow through the limbs and in turn delivering nutritious and oxygenated blood to injured, sore or inflamed tissues. This can be helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation, speeding up muscle recovery, improving athletic performance, preventing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and removing built up lactic acid.

The NormaTec compression garments are perfect for assisting with sports recovery, post-operative swelling, primary lymphoedema and lipoedema and immobility due to neurological or physical causes.

We cater garments for your legs, hips, lower back and arms.

Hyperice Massage Gun

Directly treat tender and sore muscles with our Hyperrice massage gun. A powerful tool to help you recover quickly post- exercise and reduce inflammation in your body.

The Hyperice massage gun is the most powerful and effective massage gun on the market, allowing users to target all areas of their body for a range of conditions including strain, muscle fatigue, delayed onset muscle soreness and more.

Combine our massage guns, with our foam rollers, trigger balls and booty bands to achieve a well rounded muscular release and reset, perfect for enhancing athletic performance and speeding up your recovery time.