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Kayaking for your health

With lock down of the gyms making it harder to exercise and running being a high impact sport, cycling can be the obvious answer for getting in that cardiovascular exercise, but some people aren’t keen to be out on the roads riding near cars, so another option is kayaking!

Kayaking improves your cardio fitness and is a great strength exercise for arms, shoulders, back and core. With proper technique, kayaking even works leg muscles through leg drive by rotation of the trunk, applying pressure with the feet off the kick board. Your core muscles -also known as your abs- are in constant use while you’re kayaking, helping balance the kayak upright and this is why kayaking is one of the best exercises to strengthen your abs. 

Like any physical activity, kayaking helps with weight loss and once you’re on the water it won’t feel like exercise as you’re cruising through the water reducing your stress levels! Using your muscles to cut through the water out in nature is a very rewarding experience and after a few hours each week, you’ll quickly notice a drop in your stress levels.

Kayaking is easy to pick up, with the right type of kayak for your level of experience, you can jump straight into the sport. All you need is a kayak, a paddle and a life jacket to enjoy some great impact free exercise!