Hydration Is Key

With the weather heating up, It’s important to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated means
keeping on top of your bodies fluid intake needs, particularly in sporting events. Fatigue will
result from the dehydration, leaving you tired and unable to perform at the level you desire.

Water assists in regulating your body temperature and lubricates your joints, it helps
transport nutrients to give you energy and if you’re not hydrated, your body will greatly
struggle to perform. As studies have shown, the fitter you are, you will start to sweat much
sooner and therefore the water amount you need will increase.

So it’s important to not limit your water intake just because you are fit.

Some symptoms can include-
# Increased body temperature.
# Increased heart rate.
# Fatigue/ weakness.
# Headaches.
# Muscle cramps.
# Dark coloured urine.
# Hallucinations.
# Confusion.

The amount of water you need can depend on climatic conditions, type of exercise intensity
and duration, your health so the amount of fluid needed to stay hydrate with vary from each

To accurately work out how much fluid you need to consume, talk to your GP or an
accredited health expert for a fluids plan.


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