Benefits Of Foam Rolling.

Benefits Of Foam Rolling.

With the recent increase of people running and walking, it is important to make sure your body is ready to hit the paths and a simple way to avoid injury is a quick foam roll session.

Many elite athletes get regular remedial massages in order to stimulate the blood supply, mobilise joints and stabilise and sooth their muscles. While nothing can replicate a good massage you can still enjoy many of these benefits using a foam roller.

Running and walking is a highly repetitive movement, you’re
typically over using some muscles and under using other muscles.

A few minutes using the foam roller before and after each
workout can help keep your muscles flexible and ready to perform. 

Before exercising, similar to remedial massage, foam rolling can increase range of motion, tissue elasticity and blood flow circulation helping you to perform better during your workout and help to avoid injury. Following your workout, a quick foam roll will help to stimulate blood flow that increases oxygen to sore muscle fibres which reduces recovery time.