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Romany Bowen

Romany Bowen

Bch.H.Sci – Clinical Myotherapy
Clinical Myotherapist
Sports Therapist
Pilates Instructor

"Growing up originally in Coomealla, I had my first insight into muscle treatment and management from a local Massage Therapist, who taught me the fundamental techniques of massage at the young, eager age of 15-years-old, from then on, I was hooked!"

Coming from a highly sporting family and sporting background myself, I wanted to continue to be apart of that world and offer treatment and therapy to the very best in the sporting world. I set my sights high and before long I had completed my HSC and headed to the big lights of Melbourne city. Eager to get stuck into it as soon as I could, I completed a Sports Massage course as well as a Personal Trainers Course, whilst in my second year of my degree at Uni. This got me a foot in the door until I completed my 4 years of university to become a qualified Clinical Myotherapist in 2008.
In my early years as a new grad, I came to realised that movement played a huge part in muscle management and pain relief and I decided that I needed to become a Pilates Instructor as well and implement that into my treatment plans. It was also a way to give my hands a little bit of a rest!
I have had the privilege of working for AFL and NBL teams in Melbourne, Olympians and working alongside some of the best Allied Health Practitioners in Victoria.

I love to challenge myself professionally and personally and try to gain as much knowledge as I can. This led me to moving to Western Australia where I was contracted out to two Mine sites, where I conducted onsite ergonomic assessments on all working groups and the machines or workstations they operated.

About 6 years ago I took a 6-month hiatus from being a practitioner and returned home to Mildura for a rest. It was then that I noticed the state of our healthcare system in the Sunraysia area and more specifically the Allied Health sector. I decided to open a business right here in town and start educating and making people aware that healthcare is simple, and you are not just a number.

I have been a practitioner for over 10 years now, and my focus has changed to one of education and awareness. I am fiercely passionate about the industry I work in and I aim to provide a high standard of wholistic treatment, with the patient always front of mind. I want to empower people to becoming more proactive about their treatment approach and general welfare of their own bodies. I want to assist our young athletes to greatness and help them compete to their highest levels and reach their dreams. I don’t see why people that live in remote or rural communities should be limited by their location when we, as practitioners, can increase the level of our services and the care we are offering to that community. I am currently providing services to both the Sunraysia and Riverland communities.

I love being a Myo and business owner, but outside of that, I love playing sports on the weekends in the local SFNL, hanging out with family and friends, getting away for weekends and of course a weekend is not complete without a cheeky Espresso Martini!