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Rebecca Elstone

Rebecca Elstone

Bch.H.Sci – Clinical Myotherapy
Clinical Myotherapist

"I grew up in Sunraysia, going through Pomona Public School then on to Coomealla High where I finished my HSC. After high school, my path was not straightforward, I had some idea of what I wanted to do- this being Physio but not getting into the degree meant I was to take a different path, little did I know at the time."

This saw me take a step into the work force on a more permanent basis, as I had part time jobs in pharmacy and the pub throughout high school. It was in the process of doing a few different jobs- even nannying on a station 260kms north east of Broken Hill that I discovered Myotherapy and with that my life changed again hitting the big smoke of Melbourne to study my degree, whilst living and working in Geelong. This opened many doors, where I had two roles as a Remedial Massage Therapist that transitioned into Myotherapy, a physio clinic reception role and also a role with the Geelong Cats AFL and VFL teams.

I soon discovered that I like to use dry needling within my treatments where possible, as I find that it gives such an effective and efficient response very often in such a short time frame. I am passionate about many things, I enjoy creating a little bit of art in my spare time as well as spending quality time with family and friends and trying to keep active.

I think the active lifestyle as a kid playing tennis, swimming and then onto netball as well as always running around at home discovering the bush formed my passion for helping people with their pain, with this comes a particular interest in treating sporting injuries of all kinds as well as a keen interest in all things pregnancy- pre-& post-natal.

I believe there’s not many things in life more beautiful than creating a little human and let’s be honest, it’s hard work for those mummas out there especially if they have a large amount of pain whilst pregnant on top of growing a little one, and to know that it doesn’t have to be this way is reassuring as well as so beneficial for expecting mums who might be really struggling through- you guys are the real heroes and I am here to help!