Can Myotherapy help with Scoliosis pain?


Scoliosis affects 2-3 percent of the population

Scoliosis is a curvature / curvature of the spine to the right or left. Most people with scoliosis will have mild symptoms that can be managed by staying active and using therapies to manage symptoms. 

Structural vs non-structural scoliosis

  • Structural scoliosis is when the patient’s spine actually has a physical curve.
  • Functional scoliosis is when the spine appears to be curved, but the apparent curvature is actually the result of an irregularity elsewhere in the body that could be compensatory, postural, and transient. This curve is the body naturally trying to compensate for an underlying problem. Ranging from leg length discrepancy to inflammation, correcting the problem effectively treats the scoliosis.

Myotherapy is not a cure for scoliosis, but it can help manage the pain and muscle fatigue/ muscular tension.

People suffering from scoliosis tend to suffer and experience more muscular tension and pain than the average person. Manual therapy including Myotherapy can help alleviate and decrease the pain.

While Myotherapy won’t correct a scoliosis, it can help reduce pain, increase mobility and movement in people suffering.

Not all people that have scoliosis suffer from pain, but scoliosis can result in back pain, neck pain, muscular spasms, abdominal pain and rib pain.

Pain management for people suffering a scoliosis can include but not limited to:

  • Physical therapy / Myotherapy: techniques including soft tissue, trigger point therapy, cupping to get a quick change in muscular tightness and reduce the fascial tension.
  • Hydrotherapy- At MyoSports we offer hydro, it can be a great way to help manage postural dysfunctions that are causing pain but can be great for people suffering from scoliosis. The temperature of the water helps, but water also gives you buoyancy which helps decrease the effect of gravity of your body, taking the pressure of sore areas!!! Hydro also improves blood circulation and helps your body to de-stress.
  • Exercise prescription/ Pilates – Moving your body!! Not just any exercise, Targeted exercises specifically for your needs. Most exercises to help scoliosis is strengthening the core muscles and help alleviate the pressure and help stabilisation. Other exercises involve the goal of promoting symmetry within the spine and helping alignment.

Myotherapy helps to stimulate the over-tired muscles supporting the spine. This can help reduce the muscle tension and fatigue, and allow those high-pressure areas get some relief.